Games, Icebreakers and Team Builders!


Hello Youth Ministers!

We know that you work hard to get your teens to know one another. Games and ice breakers are a great way to get them over that awkward shyness many of them experience with new friends, so we thought putting together some great website ideas for you would be helpful to have on hand as the year is still off to a start! Keep this file on your computer to refer to any time you’re stuck for an activity or planning your next event. We hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, Your VCYM Team

Jacek Chaba, Rick Moreno, Cooky Perez-Eraci, Ryan Rehkamp, Joshua Smyser-DeLeon, Renee Zachar


“Birdie on a Perch”

Everyone gets a partner and decides who will be the “birdie” and who will be the “perch”. Birdies get in an “inner” circle, “perches” form “outer” circle. Circles walk in opposite directions while music plays. When music stops, everyone has to find their partner and “perch!” (The “birdie” sits on the knee of the “perch,” who is kneeling on one knee with the other leg like a bench.) Last pair to perch is eliminated, last pair standing wins! –RZ

My personal favorite is speed dating while on a bus. Works well for bus rides that are longer than an hour. The inside rows move in a cir-cle. Any 3 questions can be asked but 2 very silly impersonal ones i.e. what super hero power do you want, what celebrity would you like to go on a date with, what Scooby Doo character would be etc. Then one more faith based, best mission trip experience, why are you here etc. The rounds should last about 3-4 minutes. They are quick but it allows the introverts to come up with answers ahead of time and helps the bus ride go quickly.—RR

The Blanket Name Game Materials Required: One Large Blanket Have your group divide itself into two groups. Tell them to sit on the floor facing each other. Have two adult or youth volunteers hold up a blanket between the groups so that each team cannot see the other. Have each team quietly select a person to stand (or sit) behind the blanket. On the count of three, drop the blanket so that each of the selected members is facing each other. Whoever says the other per-son’s name first, wins. Whoever loses goes to the other team. A team wins once there are no more members on the other team.

Alternative icebreaker ending: Whoever says the other person’s name first, wins the round and earns a point. Repeat until one team reaches the desired number of points or until time runs out.- JSD


(Please note that the AOC does not own the rites to these sites and resources and claim no such legal rights over them.)

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